Strength in Numbers, Part II

Over the summer, I decided to give my curb numbers a refresh. You can read more about that story and process here in Part I. As I was out painting, my neighbor across the way was curious about what I was doing, which gave me the idea to paint numbers for the entire neighborhood. I distributed a postcard to all 68 Streng homeowners offering my services, and the response was excellent.

Over the course of 3 weeks, I tackled 18 homes in Eastridge, giving them the white-on-black paint treatment. Each set of numbers takes about 15 minutes to cut a custom template, and 45 minutes to paint. Many participants offered generous donations, and some even invited me into their homes to see improvements they have made, and to discuss future renovations. A couple participants have even hired us to handle interior and exterior design projects, which is really exciting.

Sharing my passion for MCM and good design gives me a lot of satisfaction, so when a homeowner in another nearby Streng community contacted me on my Instagram feed to paint their numbers, I hopped right in the car and got to work.

My goal with the curb number project was to get to know my neighbors, and it's done that and so much more. My neighbor and I organized the Eastridge Eat & Greet, a block party we held this summer. Most curb number participants were able to attend, and a lot of new faces were at the party. We have a really fun, social group of people here, and I feel really lucky to know so many of them. Our goal is to make this an annual or semi-annual event.

Through this small gesture of painting addresses, I was able to meet dozens of new neighbors and their families who are also excited about their homes and our community. Our unique neighborhood is improving all the time, and these curb numbers are just a little way to show pride of ownership, and have spurred many of us to celebrate our homes and keep them looking sharp.